What is the Ultimate Minority?

The Individual.

This site is about Freedom of the Individual.  I have found that it is the strange attractor, the unifying principle that is at the core of my philosophy and all of my studies.

This blog is a place for me to work on ideas related to Freedom of the Individual.  I have long been hesitant to put ideas in writing, with concern that my thoughts are incomplete and in need of refinement before committing them to words.

The problem with this thinking is that one never writes, for no thought is ever complete.  There is always more to learn.

This realization, together with inspiration from a quote by Lord Acton:  “Learn as much by writing as by reading” has led to the creation of this web log.

I am a small business owner in the manufacturing sector, with an MBA in Business Management.  I am a long time student of W. Edwards Deming, and more recently Murray N. Rothbard.  Deming’s teachings showed me how to “restore the individual” at work, and Rothbard renewed my interest in economics, history, and even politics.

Dave Martin

April, 2009 Addendum:

Readers will note that the earliest posts at Ultimate Minority were from the position of a constitutionalist. That was the past.

My personal history of political thinking was one of on-and-off engagement. In the past few years, I became more involved in the political / economic debate, largely spurred by the Ron Paul presidential campaign. I was motivated to learn more about the constitution and the founding principles. It wasn’t long before I became an anarcho-capitalist, or if you like, an  abolitionist.  I quickly found my lifelong belief in individualism at odds with the very concept of government, and have become an irrepressible Radical for Liberty, thanks to Murray N. Rothbard.