The Ultimate Minority

Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform – Mark Twain

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This is must see video. Scott Horton debates Harvey Kushner on US foreign policy.  Horton represents the philosophy of liberty and non-interventionism.  Kushner represents the neoconservative policy of aggressive interventionism and imperialism. If you’re struggling to understand why we need to give up all this “liberty for safety”, or if you don’t understand the motivation […]

Rothbard on Video

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As a follow-up to my post on Deming and Rothbard, I would like to share this great video of Murray Rothbard addressing the Texas Libertarians in 1989. This presentation highlights Rothbard’s dedication to ideas and his optimism that ideas always win in the long run. I challenge you to watch it and not be drawn […]

As a follow-up to Part 2 of “War is the Health of the State – A Personal Evolution”, I present the May 15, 2007 Republican debate, where the heroic Ron Paul asks the key question and Rudy 9ui11iani responds with his museum-quality brand of jingoism.

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve, produced by the Ludwig von Mises Institute. This is the premier introduction to understanding what money is, how governments always seek to control the economy through currency manipulation, and their partner in crime, the central bank – in the US, the unlawful Federal Reserve System. There are several other […]