The Ultimate Minority

Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform – Mark Twain

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Enjoying a sandwich at a pub in Lansing a few months back, I engaged in a conversation with the man sitting next to me. We learned that we had something in common; I own a small manufacturing company, and he is a general manager for a much larger company in the Lansing area. He told […]

I was listening to the Scott Horton Show today on Antiwar Radio, an interview with Bruce Gagnon from The guest had a lot to say about the government’s plans to dominate space and its application in warfare, including some interesting information on plans the government would love to realize giving it the capability to […]

Farmland Facism

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Today’s Grand Rapids Press features an article that celebrates the use of taxpayer dollars to pay farmers for their land. You’re probably thinking “what does the state do with the land they purchase from the farmer?” Well, that’s the rub… They don’t use your tax dollars to buy the land from the farmer to turn […]

Deming and Rothbard

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W. Edwards Deming is one of the great management theorists of all time, and Murray N. Rothbard is one of the great economists and political theorists of all time. They share a few key traits in common. Deming had a deep respect for theory. His writings and teachings were focused on changing how we think […]

Fiat Money


Previous Entry: What is Money? One of the key characteristics of a viable money is scarcity, and when it comes to their ability to acquire money, governments are universal in their opposition to scarcity. More money for government equals more growth in the size and scope of government. It allows government to pacify the masses […]

What is Money?

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Many people think of money as a creation of government, a system of managed value and legal tender for debts. An attempt to understand money by reading financial news will only serve to reinforce this view, portraying the idea of money as a lot of high-level decisions made by great planners, with a host of […]

In the world of publicly traded corporations, if one company finds itself failing to appeal to investors by creating natural growth – by adding value in the marketplace and continuously reducing its cost of operations, there is a short-term fix: Mergers and acquisition. Wall Street loves merger and acquisition activity. There is speculative buzz over […]

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve, produced by the Ludwig von Mises Institute. This is the premier introduction to understanding what money is, how governments always seek to control the economy through currency manipulation, and their partner in crime, the central bank – in the US, the unlawful Federal Reserve System. There are several other […]