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Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform – Mark Twain

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Israel is Evil

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The more I study the dynamics of US interventionism and imperialism in the middle east, the more I understand: Israel is evil. This is to say nothing of the Israeli people, and has nothing to do with anti-semitism. As an individualist, I do not view people simply as members of groups, so this is not […]

These pictures are from our October 2006 visit to Washington DC. This is the Washington that you don’t see on TV. (You can click on these pictures to see a full-size version.) As you approach the Capitol building, everything looks normal enough: Now look at the second picture. There are barricades on each level of […]

…In a true free market economy with sound money. I’m writing this entry to challenge a paradigm, to show that so many things we accept as the “way things are” just aren’t so. The “reality” we have come to know is based on constantly rising prices and the need for constantly rising wages to keep […]

When you look at all the media coverage, all the hype, and all the hundreds of millions spent in the presidential election campaign, it reveals something fundamentally wrong with the state of American politics. We are electing a king. The executive is only one branch of three in the United States Government, yet ask people […]

$10 Gas? Why?

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News reports have some analysts now predicting that gasoline will hit $10 a gallon over the next few years. Will it reach $10? No one knows – but the idea alone has the American people asking questions: How will I afford to drive? Will we be able to take that vacation? Should I buy a […]

Wind Wanglers

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Visiting family in rural Indiana this weekend, I was taken for a drive to see the new wind farm a few miles away. Eighty-seven towering wind turbines standing in the middle of corn fields, all facing the same direction as if they were standing at attention. I looked at the size of these structures and […]

There is a fungus in the forest floor of eastern Oregon spanning 2,200 acres; it is known as the world’s largest living organism in terms of area. But there is a growing body of research showing that Armillaria ostoyae has a contender: Governmentus Americanus. This parasitic organism is growing exponentially, and it seems nothing can […]

Enjoying a sandwich at a pub in Lansing a few months back, I engaged in a conversation with the man sitting next to me. We learned that we had something in common; I own a small manufacturing company, and he is a general manager for a much larger company in the Lansing area. He told […]

I was listening to the Scott Horton Show today on Antiwar Radio, an interview with Bruce Gagnon from The guest had a lot to say about the government’s plans to dominate space and its application in warfare, including some interesting information on plans the government would love to realize giving it the capability to […]

This is a topic I’ve often thought about: Why is it that when businesses or individuals do something corrupt or devious, the media and the people get outraged and insist on more government control – then, when the government takes control and government itself screws everything up, or worse, takes the corruption and law breaking […]