When you look at all the media coverage, all the hype, and all the hundreds of millions spent in the presidential election campaign, it reveals something fundamentally wrong with the state of American politics.

We are electing a king.

The executive is only one branch of three in the United States Government, yet ask people on the street who they support for president. Most of them will at least have an opinion, and will know who they prefer by name. Ask that same person who he’s supporting for his representative – chances are he won’t be able to name a single one, and probably won’t know anything about any of them until he’s standing in the booth in November, perusing the names, looking for an R or a D next to the surname. Perhaps one of them will sound familiar…Pull the lever.

This a built in structural property of bureaucracy: It is designed as a hierarchical pyramid, with one at the top and many at the bottom. A society culturally conditioned into central control and bureaucracy in all of their institutions looks to the top of the pyramid for their leadership.

In government, this places the President at the top, with the Congress subordinated below. The States are subordinated below the Federal Government, all smaller departments of the massive pyramid structure. At the bottom of the pyramid lies the individual, nothing more than a subject to government. This is not the intended design of our republic.

We don’t blink an eye when we hear the media discuss our choices for the next Commander in Chief, when of course the President is Commander in Chief of the military only, and only when Congress has authorized the use of the military. The President is not Commander in Chief of the people.

Thomas Jefferson said it is the natural progression of things for government to grow in power and for the people to yield liberty. A belief in bureaucracy, central planning, and executive leadership is an enabler, establishing a structure that the people believe in, one that allows government to seize and centralize power.