I don’t mean here, specifically, at Ultimate Minority – but here, in your web browser.

There was a time when if you said you read something on the Internet, it was scoffed at. Even today, it’s a knee-jerk reaction by those indoctrinated into the mainstream media as the source of all that is going on in the world.

Television news, radio and newspapers are dinosaurs on their way to extinction, at least in their current form. They no longer do their job, posing the tough questions and exposing government wrongdoings. Instead, todays mainstream media is nothing more than than a government propaganda horn and a source of sick, twisted entertainment posing as “news.”

We should be offended when Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and American Idol get big coverage on the TV news, and then a five-second note is thrown in that five soldiers were killed in Iraq yesterday. We should be outraged that Pentagon war propagandists are briefed by the war department, then paraded on TV news as expert analysts.

The very fabric of our society is destroyed by the nightly Murder and Mayhem Report broadcast into our homes. Murder, rape, and pillage have always been exceptional events in any populace, but now they’re happening every day, every minute, everywhere because they’re in your living room. People are afraid to let their kids go out and play, because their reality is shaped by what happened thousands of miles away. Bad things have always happened, the world will never be 100% safe, but the risks of living life seem so much more extreme when we’re bombarded with the images every evening.

The Internet is the free media today. Do some research and find sites that give you the news you’re looking for. If you want real information about war, visit antiwar.com where you’ll find some of the world’s top war correspondents addressing the real issues and exposing the truth. These are seasoned veteran reporters who have a difficult time telling the real story in the mainstream media.

You can listen to streaming audio of radio shows hosted by true patriots – those committed to the ideas of freedom, liberty, and the constitution like Charles Goyette, Scott Horton, and Michael Badnarik – not establishment mouthpieces like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

Yes, there are a ton of different opinions and perspectives on the Internet – how do you know who to believe? That is the essence of news and opinion! They should be many and varied, and you should read discriminately. Check more sources! This is how you find opinions that represent your own perspective, and continually challenge them. There’s not a dimes worth of difference between the opinions dished out in the mainstream media, so it is intellectually lazy to lap up the slop they’re feeding.

Government regulation of the media through the FCC, under the guise of protecting us, has destroyed the free media. Huge conglomerates control the broadcast outlets, many owned by the same companies that build tanks and bombs for the governments wars.

The Internet has emerged as the new media, the only true free market of ideas. Watch for government to try and gain control over the Internet as a media source, and mind you, it’ll all be done in the name of protecting you, such as the fascist Net Neutrality push that already has a ton of netizens duped into thinking it’ll “protect” them from paying more, or any legislation aimed at protecting our children. Fight government control, know your sources, and turn off the idiot box.