The more I study the dynamics of US interventionism and imperialism in the middle east, the more I understand: Israel is evil.

This is to say nothing of the Israeli people, and has nothing to do with anti-semitism. As an individualist, I do not view people simply as members of groups, so this is not an entry about Jews. It is about the state of Israel, its government. One should make clear the distinction because it is both incorrect and unjust to characterize a people based on the actions of their government.

The Israeli government is a client state to the empire, and it is the tail that wags the dog. AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is by far and large the most powerful foreign policy lobby in Washington, rivaling even the AARP and the NRA in its influence – and you’re paying for it.

Even though Israel ranks as the sixteenth most wealthy nation in the world, the US Government sends billions annually in foreign aid and military weaponry, courtesy of the American taxpayer. Fully one-third of all unconstitutional US foreign aid goes to the state of Israel. And what do we get in return?

The Israeli government uses the money to spy on us, and pushes our government to use its military machine to fight their wars. And for all of this, our government officials pledge the lives of Americans to “protect” Israel for centuries to come, the epitome of an “entangling alliance” that Jefferson and Washington warned us about.

There is substantial evidence that Israeli spies had information that may have prevented the 9/11 attacks, but did not share the information with US intelligence agencies. Israel is pushing hard for a US-led war against Iran, supplying fraudulent information in the form of “smoking laptops” to make the case for war. Israel demands that Iran – a signatory to the Nonproliferation Treaty – does not have the right to pursue peaceful use of nuclear research while they, a non-participant in the NPT, possess hundreds of nuclear weapons.

The state of Israel is a creation of western governments, displacing others from their homeland. And where Israel was once viewed as acting defensively in the face of hostility directed toward them, it is clear that they have for decades been an aggressive force in the region.

As Michael Scheuer said, the nation of Israel is not worth the life of one American, and John McCain doesn’t have any authority to pledge the lives of Americans to protect it.