faceinpalmWow – it’s been nearly a month since my last post on the Ultimate Minority.  I thought I’d take a moment to explore my reasons for the slowdown.

It’s not for lack of studying or a dearth of things to write about.  I’ve been quite active in my reading and have had a lot of thoughts to explore.  The problem is, the more I study, the more I see connections between things – and the more I see connections between things, the longer my writings become and the more I’m concerned that I don’t have a complete essay ready to publish yet.

I have 16 drafts in my backlog right now – essays I’ve started but not completed for various reasons.  When I go back to one of them to complete and publish it, I remember what stopped me first time around.  On top of the 16 drafts, there have been dozens of thoughts and observations I’ve thought to write on, and held back.  Maybe it’s a writers block of some form.

But the purpose of this blog is to get me to write, even when a thought is not complete.  I’m going to start trying to break things into smaller observations instead of more in-depth essays, and then as my thoughts gel, I’ll pull from previous essays and try and put them together into a bigger picture.

Sometimes I get concerned about repeating myself – then I read Murray Rothbard, and I find him repeating himself – not out of error, but intentionally.  He was reminding the reader, reinforcing the point at a crucial point in their study as he built on an idea.  I find it reassuring as a reader, confirming the relationship between the earlier point to the current scenario.

I will strive to do better.