This is a long overdue follow-up to my post The People Have Spoken in which I noted that the masses were motivated to call and write their “representatives” to oppose Bailout Round One, and despite their activism, the congress went ahead and approved the bailout anyway.

Millions of people took action to participate in the political process to make their voice heard.  The house of “representatives” rejected the first bailout – many of the cockroaches doing so only out of fear of losing their comfy seat in government.  In response, the  imperial senate (unconstitutionally) put forth a second revision of the bill, complete with enough pork to swing enough of the “nay” voters in the house.

The bailout passed.  As it turns out, it was really only a softening measure to accustom the sheep to accept what was to come – more and bigger bailouts with no vote from the people whatsoever.

But what is important here is the fact that (of those up for reelection) only 8 out of 257 who voted for the bailout were removed from the congress.

Millions of people called or wrote their “representative”, tens of millions more were complaining amongst one another.  To my recollection, this was the largest single display of public opinion on any piece of legislation in recent history.  Their voices were ignored.

So the people went back to minding their own business, understanding (to some degree, anyway) that their voice meant nothing.  And then the elections came around, and “the people” put the same parasites back in office.

We’re taught for 13+ years of government schooling that “we are the government” and “if we don’t like the way things are going, we need to get involved and ‘change’ the government.”  This is the best example in modern history of the outright fraud of this premise.

“We” are not the government.  The government is not “us.”  Participation in the electoral process is futile, and only serves to grant the Band of Thieves Writ Large what they need most:  Legitimacy.

I have many friends who are part of the two party system, who believe in “democracy.”  I also have many friends who consider themselves libertarian and believe they can work within the system to initiate change through reform.

Please, just drop it.

There will be no “reform.”   This government is on a continual path of growth in power, gaining rapidly throughout the 20th century and now exponentially in the early 21st.  You gain nothing by participating in institutionalized theft.   The only path to individual liberty and peace is through delegitimizing, and then deconstructing the State.