The fascist government has long been fretting over the Internet and its ability to inform people and expose government lies. As if this is a surprise, it has been determined that there is a plan in place for the government to take control of the Internet; a plan lying in wait for an event to catalyze the takeover.

Personally, I remember feeling the transformational power of the Internet when I began to read opinions that agreed with my philosophy – opinions that I never heard in the media. When people feel isolated in their ideas, they tend to feel marginalized. When they see that they’re not alone, they are empowered.

The government established control over opinion through the Federal Communication Commission, established, of course, to protect the people from media conglomerates controlling information. As is always the case with government action promoted to protect the people, it is actually designed to protect special interests and grant monopoly power to favored political connections. It has artificially chopped bandwidth into large chunks available only to major corporations, erected as a barrier to competition. It wields regulatory power over its privileged bandwidth holders, and exerts pressure on them to keep the content to its liking.

The mainstream media we have today is a sham, nothing more than a propaganda horn for the government. In the place of journalism that questions government action, we get talking heads that read government press releases. In the place of skepticism and criticism, we get promotion of government and statism. In the place of important news and events, we get entertainment, murder and mayhem reports, and Paris Hilton.

The Internet changed it all. No longer is there a barrier to competition. No longer is there a monopoly control over information. And no longer is there a lack of diversity in opinion.

This is dangerous to government legitimacy, and they’re dying to squelch it.

In this video, Lawrence Lessig mentions the “iPatriot Act,” governments plan to get the Internet under control. He makes the point that the Patriot Act, a long, heavy piece of legislation, was presented to the House twenty days after 9/11. It was not written in twenty days, it was written long before, and sat in wait of a catalyzing event to prompt its introduction.

I’d like to say that this can’t happen – that an attemt to take control over the Internet would be the last straw.  But I know it will happen when the government can play on fear, and when it will be sold as a measure to protect the people.  They’re already selling incremental control to the masses with the fascist push for “net neutrality,” with “Internet freedom” advocacy groups lined up behind the government to get “protection.”  A catalyzing event is all that is needed, and free speech will be squelched – again.