The Ultimate Minority

Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform – Mark Twain

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In order to have a clear understanding of rights, one must first understand the concept of property.  Questions of “right” can be easily sorted out when approached from the perspective of property. Most envision a piece of land when thinking about property, but this is too narrow a definition.  Property begins with self ownership.  As […]

Election day, 2008: I don’t think I’ve ever voted Democrat or Republican in a general election – maybe sometime in the past, I’m not sure, but for the most part I’ve always voted third party. This time around, I made a different choice: I chose not to vote. I chose not to vote for the […]

The People Have Spoken

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And their elected “representatives” have ignored them, and have done what they planned to do all along. Today, the congress passed the massive bailout bill, the biggest ripoff in American history next to its causal predecessor, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  Last week, a reluctant House of Representatives voted down the bailout bill after […]

The title of this post is also the title of Chapter 3 of G. Edward Griffin’s book The Creature from Jekyll Island.  The creature he refers to is the Federal Reserve System. If you want to understand the root cause of this bailout, you need to understand the Federal Reserve System.  It is nothing more […]

This is must see video. Scott Horton debates Harvey Kushner on US foreign policy.  Horton represents the philosophy of liberty and non-interventionism.  Kushner represents the neoconservative policy of aggressive interventionism and imperialism. If you’re struggling to understand why we need to give up all this “liberty for safety”, or if you don’t understand the motivation […]

I’ve been doing some thinking on statism lately, trying to understand why people will follow their government into everything and justify its wrongdoings. Even when they disapprove of government action (for example, 70% of Americans wanting out of Iraq, voting in the democrats, and getting more of the same) they still follow it and grant […]

iPatriot Act Ready

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The fascist government has long been fretting over the Internet and its ability to inform people and expose government lies. As if this is a surprise, it has been determined that there is a plan in place for the government to take control of the Internet; a plan lying in wait for an event to […]

National Service

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In January, 2007, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D) of New York introduced H.R. 393; The Universal National Service Act of 2007. This bill would make mandatory national service for everyone 18-42 years old. It is a draft, both for military and “peaceful” purposes. As the story goes, Rangel introduced the bill as a strong arm tactic […]


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It is often said that we don’t know we’re in an economic recession until we’re two years into it. That is because there are many statistics that signal a recession, not all acting in harmony, and the statistics are twisted and debated until finally, no one can deny it. But when the mass media and […]

Are You on the List?

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The terrorist “watch list” is now over a million names long.  This is your government’s list of people to watch, in the name of protecting you.  With 300 million people in the US, this means that the government has deemed one of every three hundred people a potential danger. Government watch lists are always justified […]